miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

One of us is confirmed as the first European Citizens Iniciative.

ONE OF US is confirmed as the first European Citizens Initiative in number of statements of support collected from the European Citizens.
The European Citizens Initiative (ECI) One of Us has finished the signatures collected verification and validation phase by the National Authorities of each Member State.
Over 1,901,947 signatures collected 1,742,156 have been validated. Nineteen countries have collected the minimum number required by the Commission.
One of Us ECI makes evident that a very relevant number of European Citizens consider that protection of human life has to be in the centre of the Union agenda.
The great success of One of Us ECI and the enthusiasm aroused all around Europe constitutes a remarkable milestone in the way to a clear and unmitigated respect and protection of human life in Europe. We are truly convinced that the European Commission and Parliament will listen and take into consideration the demands of the European Citizens in this regard.
We will have the opportunity to present our demands in a public hearing in the European Parliament in the upcoming weeks.
We want to take the opportunity to manifest our appreciation and thanks to all the National Committees, the coordinators, and all the volunteers and citizens for their excellent work, passion and hope and for the confidence posed in this democratic instrument.

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